“The Model 42s run rings around much of the competition and stand well above most comparably spec’d systems, perhaps above all similarly priced competitors.” -  Frank Wells, Pro Sound News

World renowned studio designer Chris Pelonis makes his own custom studio monitors for every facility he builds, and always uses Tannoy dual concentric drivers because of their impeccable time alignment and spectacular imaging.  He also uses his own amp and crossover designs to ensure his specifications are met.


Now, after five years of R&D, Chris has produced a compact active studio monitor system meticulously crafted to bring his exacting standards to music lovers, hobbyists, and professionals everywhere.



After receiving a TEC Award nomination for the 4288 in 2012 we challenged ourselves to make the 4288 MKII even better. We started with a requested upgrade to the amplifier section by adding 3.9dB to the front end of gain without sacrificing any headroom.


In fact we improved what was already outstanding headroom. Once that was accomplished we focused on the speaker components.





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